DAS Group



Founded in 1980, DAS Group is a directional marketing company that specializes in lead generation utilizing interactive advertising, search engine marketing and local search engine placements, custom application, web development, and online yellow pages. We are a certified Google partner. DAS Group strives to bring customized solutions to our clients unique lead generation and marketing efforts. We don't believe in an "one size fits all" solution. Clients have different needs and objectives that allow us to utilize the many options at our disposal to help achieve measurable results.

Why Choose Us

Today, your target audience shapes and defines the customer relationship, utilizing multiple media sources to influence their buying decision. Clients need to understand and fully exploit these touch points, making sure they are there when their customers are looking. DAS Group works with our customers to develop strategies that outline the steps to help gain valuable visibility.

DAS Group has extensive experience with businesses that have hundreds of nationwide stores. This experience has allowed us the opportunity to test and develop comprehensive programs that work.

Media tracking system

DAS Group provides our proprietary media tracking system AdJack.

  • This allows clients to easily track the success of their advertising dollars and listen to in-bound sales calls for quality assurance and employee training
  • Visibility of content distributed impressions/visits/forwards, etc.
  • Competitive analysis updates

Performance tracking

  • Current Positions/Gains Vs. Losses for SEO placements
  • Gains/Losses Relative to your Competition
  • Visibility of content distributed impressions/visits/forwards, etc.
  • Competitive analysis updates
  • Any recommended changes
  • New content optimization efforts
  • Reputation Management

Online Tools

  • Provide corporate control over costs and creative for decentralized branch offices. Track campaigns to the branch level.
  • Know which keywords produce actions and optimized bidding
  • Track applicants and response rates (primarily provided to Recruitment clients)