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Franchise Marketing Programs

70% of search engine users look for local directions/mapsOur personalized, high-quality franchise marketing campaigns allow franchisors to optimize local marketing channels while maintaining brand consistency. Why are locally focused franchise marketing services so important for businesses today? Because marketing campaigns that support a franchise-based business have a major and measurable advantage. Most consumers use the internet to find local businesses and almost 70% of search engine users look for local directions or maps to surrounding stores.

DAS Group's campaigns are built to support the franchisees and franchisors adapting to meet the needs of the local communities served while ensuring consistent messaging for the brand. Franchisees get the support they need and franchisors get a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is measurable and scalable.

Let DAS Group Promote Growth

We have a number of ways to successfully promote personalized growth for the franchisee's individual business as well as that of the franchisor.

Pay Per Click Landing PageData is a key component of our franchise marketing plans. DAS Group combines data at a local, regional and corporate level to drive growth from all levels of the franchise organization. The better we understand the individual needs of your organization, the more able we'll be to build a detailed local franchise marketing strategy that ensures brand consistency while delivering clear, measureable local leads to the franchisee.

DAS Group works to promote franchise businesses by offering ways to target local leads, such as local pay per click, SEO management, social media, focused page content, local display, digital advertising, content marketing, and more. For example, local pay per click services can incorporate several solutions to meet the needs of a franchise business, including local landing pages that target touch points like maps, local reviews, directions, or coupons, while local SEO solutions include the ability to locally tag blogs or product videos.

Unique Businesses: Unique Approach to Marketing

At DAS Group, we believe that your business is as unique as you are and we're dedicated to understanding what works. Therefore, our franchise marketing campaigns are fully customizable, combining a variety of services based on the needs of the organization, and not on cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all methods. We offer customers the opportunity to increase visibility, providing a focused customer experience, while still balancing local and national marketing.

Talk to us today about our franchise marketing programs and let us address the demands of local marketing while promoting brand stability at the national level.